Charnwood Road Baptist Church

Sunday Services

Services on Sunday take place at the following times: 
Sunday Morning – 10.45 am          Sunday Evening – 6.00 pm

 These services are preceded by a Prayer Meeting for the Deacons in the Deacons' Vestry
at 10.30am & 5.40 pm.

Communion elementsWe celebrate the Lord’s Supper at the evening service on the first Sunday of the month and at the morning service on the third Sunday. Our ministry can best be described as conservative evangelical, open to renewal, with sermons based on the authority of Scripture. We use the New International Version of the Bible and copies of this version are provided in the pews.   

Example of SongPro
We use SongPro (Creation Software) for the projection of Bible readings (mainly NIV) and hymns, with Songs of Fellowship (1, 2, and 3), Mission Praise (1, 2, & Junior), and the Baptist hymn book giving a balance between newer songs and older hymns as appropriate.

 The morning service caters for people of all ages with the children and young people going to their Sunday Club classes about half way through the service.

Coffee, tea and fellowship are offered at the end of every morning service and alternate evening service in our coffee/tea bar area.  Both morning and evening services are recorded on disc and available for those who are away or housebound.  The services are also uploaded weekly to the website. To access these please click on the links below

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Further details of other events can be found in the Dates for your Diary calendar on the Home page