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Ruth Bob 12th March 2007

map of NagalandRuth and Bob have now been away for a month but they keep in touch regularly and we heard more news from them this last weekend.

Both have been very busy - Bob at the hospital and Ruth at the guesthouse. The work is very tiring but both are in good spirits. Bob has been able to get some food without garlic so is now improving.  Bob has been working sixty hours a week even with taking half Friday and Saturday off as well as Sunday.

The work at the hospital is progressing - the size of the project is awe inspiring; bigger than Leicester General by a long way - but they do need a grant from the Indian Government to enable 70 beds to be ready by 26th May. It is planned that the top 3 floors of the hospital building are to be converted into accommodation for the staff. Right on top of the hospital is a water tower - before it can be used someone has to climb up through the centre and clean it. This is very dangerous as there is only a ladder hooked on to the top - please pray for the person that has to climb this. 

Bob and Ruth have been attending the local Ao Baptist Church. The congregation is about 150 or more, and they sing beautifully. The only trouble is it is all in Ao and Bob and Ruth don't speak a word. The Pastor tells them what the Bible reading is and the subject of the sermon and although they don't understand a word they can understand the tone. On 25th Feb they had a fiery sermon on the subject of whether to choose the old ways or Jesus. Considering the old ways were head hunting and the like and given the passion it was preached it would have been a very brave person who could have stood against it. Nagaland today is a 100% Chrsitian country. The lady preacher at the service on 11 March preached for over an hour but it was half in English and half in Ao and was very good.  

 Bob and Ruth have asked that we keep the following points in our prayers:-
1 Getting time to have a relationship with the Ao church
2 Surviving the workload
3 That he might get over his allergy to garlic which seems to be in every food at every meal
4 For continued good relationships with their international team of colleagues
5 For strength and stamina for Ruth as she assists in the guesthouse.

Dimapur Market   centre of Dimapur
         Dimapur Market                         Centre of Dimapur

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