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Pete and Edi 2017


Thank you for your continued prayer for us.

1. We enjoyed our time at the WEC Warrior Camp and our four sessions on Japan and world mission went well. As the camps were in north Wales this year we were also able to go and help with some of the dismantling of both Teen Camp and Warrior Camp.

2. During the autumn Pete will be doing some travelling to visit churches and prayer groups to talk about our work and Japan. This starts slowly in September and October with a few visits to churches. Please pray for these visits and his preaching to be blessed and used by the Lord.

3. Joanna will head back to York this month to begin the final year of her Education degree. Please pray for her studies, and for her Christian Union involvement. She is part of the team organising the CU fresher week activities, and is in charge of the activities that the CU is doing for international students during freshers week.

4. Andy passed his A Levels and will be going to Abersytwyth University towards the end of the month to study Countryside Management. Please pray for him settling in.

5. The new school year has started for John. He is now in Year 10, which is the first year of GCSE courses.

6. Please remember the tensions in east Asia over North Korea. Pray for wisdom for world leaders and for peace.

Thank you for praying.

In the Lord,

Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson
WEC International

July - August

Thank you for praying for us. We are enjoying our time back in the UK.
1. We will be attending the first week of the WEC Youth Department’s “Warrior Camp” in north Wales, 29th July to 5th August. We will be the missionary speakers for the week. Warrior Camp is for 9 to 13 year-olds. Please pray for us as we prepare and for the four evening meetings when we will be presenting world mission, particularly Japan. Joanna will also be at the camp as a tent leader and Richard (Edi’s father) in the kitchen.
2. Andy has now been recognised as a British student by the remaining university. Thank you for praying. Please pray for his student finance application to go smoothly.  His A Level results come out in August.
3. Joanna will be taking part in a two-week outreach team to international students, organised by Friends International in Reading in July. Please pray for the outreach, largely through cafe ministry, and that what she learns will be useful for her as the international secretary in the Christian Union at the University of York.
4. John appears to have settled in well at school, and has started his GCSE courses.
Thank you for thinking of us and praying for us.
In the Lord.
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson
WEC International (Japan)


Hello again 

1. Thank you for your prayer for us. We are now two months into our twelve-month home leave in the UK. 

2. Andy has one more A Level exam to go, on 5th June. Please pray for his university and student finance applications to go smoothly. He is still waiting for confirmation from one university about his fee status as British or foreign. 

3. John is settling into school in Anglesey. He starts his GCSE courses shortly, and will have his second Japanese A Level exam on 9th June. 

4. Joanna has a few weeks left of her second year at the University of York. She will have a two-week placement at a local primary school before the end of term. 

5. Pete will go to London 19th - 23rd June to study on a "Kairos" course, which is a course about world mission and mobilising for cross-cultural mission. 

Thank you for praying.

Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson

WEC International (Japan)





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WEC International (Japan)

Hello again, this time from North Wales.

Thank you for remembering us over the last three months, since our last update in February.
1. We left Japan on schedule on 28th March, having packed up our house and moved out. For the final week we were able to stay in a friend’s flat just across the road from our own, which made the final cleanup of our place much more straightforward. One minor hiccup was rain on the day we took our furniture and boxes to WEC Japan HQ, meaning we had to quickly put our things into the garage at WEC HQ and then go back a few days later on a dry day to move them the last few yards into storage. The good side of that was that we could take the opportunity to finish our time in charge of HQ by doing some of the work to get HQ ready for the WEC Japan conference.
2. The WEC Japan conference is taking place during the first week of May. This is the first time since 1999 that neither of us have been at the conference.
3. We will be taking things quietly until the summer, adjusting to the UK, and helping our boys in their new surroundings.
4. Joanna is in her second year at the University of York, studying education. In the next two months she has an exam and assignments to complete, and is involved in some volunteering projects. She has taken over the role of international secretary in the Christian Union. Thank the Lord that her teeth braces are having a good effect. We can see the difference already. Please keep praying.
5. Andy graduated from the international school in Japan in March. He is now studying for his A Levels, with two exams on 18th May and then four exams between 30th May and 5th June. Please pray for his university and student finance applications to go smoothly. He has received conditional offers for all the courses he applied for, but is still waiting to hear from one university whether they will recognise him as a British or a foreign student for fee purposes. Andy has been seen by an orthodontist about having his teeth straightened, and is being referred to another orthodontic practice. Please pray for good and effective treatment for him.
6. John started school very quickly after arriving back in Britain. He went for two days before the Easter holiday, and has now begun the summer term. He appears to be making some friends and doesn't seem to be too put off by lessons that are predominantly in Welsh. He is deciding his GCSE study choices for the next two years up to age 16. John is going to take Japanese A Level exams this summer; the first (the AS exam) is on 15th May. Please pray for John in his new surroundings.
7. News reports are that there has been a spike of interest in nuclear fall-out shelters in Japan, because of the tension over North Korea. Japan is well in range of missiles fired from there. Please pray for many to seek the Lord in Japan at this time.

Thank you for praying.
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson
WEC International

Happy New Year

Thank you for your prayer for us.

1. As we begin this new year we have less than three months until we go on home leave to the UK. This will be for one year, with the possibility of it being lengthened if necessary. We will be based in Anglesey. Please pray for our preparations. We have begun to store some of our stuff at the WEC headquarters in Japan.

2. Combined with getting ready for home leave, we have started to wind up some of our activities here. Pete finished the men’s Bible study in Mukaijima last month, and many of the jobs we wanted to finish at HQ are completed.
3. Edi has many loose ends to finish and tidy up at school and to hand over before March. Please pray she can do them well. She was grateful for the opportunity to share freely at a Kyoto International Chapel (KIC) youth meeting in December. Pray that God will continue to speak and lead the young people to follow God. KIC is the church that meets in KIUA, the international Christian school where Edi teaches.
4. Pete is preaching at Kusatsu Church on 22nd January. Please pray for the Lord's blessing.
5. Andy has sent in his application for UK universities. Please pray for God’s leading on the responses from universities, that they will recognise him as a UK student, not as a foreign student. He has a lot of studying to do between now and the summer.
6. Please pray for John to be prepared for moving to a British school, which will be a first for one of our children.

Thank you for praying.

Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson

WEC International (Japan)