Charnwood Road Baptist Church

MP Visits Shepshed Church

TNicky Morgan MPhe Rt Honourable Nicky Morgan MP paid a visit to Charnwood Road Baptist Church Lunch Club recently.  The Rev. Howard Ketton welcomed her and congratulated her on her recent appointment to the post of Financial Secretary to the Treasury and Minister for Women.  She shared lunch with church members, which was served in the church because there was more space, followed by a talk on her work as our constituency MP.

She began her talk by saying that since she had been an MP there had been many ‘firsts’ and eating Steak Pie in a church was yet another.  She spoke of her work and life balance and said that she leaves home on Monday morning returning on Thursday, working from several offices, but is well supported by her staff.  She said she was very pleased to be called Minister for Women and spoke a little about what this entailed.  Nicky then went on to say that although MPs had earned a bad name through the expenses scandals etc. she found that most of them were working very hard for their constituents, whether the problems were large or small.  Her Christian Faith was important and she said that she attended a church in Loughborough and helped at Sunday School once a month.  She talked a bit about the Christian witness in the House of Commons and the fact that she attends a weekly Bible Study group where Christian colleagues share their problems and strengthen each other through prayer. 


Church members were then able to ask her questions which she was more than willing to answer covering issues that are affecting our community - housing, problems of older people and employment.  Finally the Rev. Ketton thanked Nicky for finding time in her very busy schedule to spend time with us.