Charnwood Road Baptist Church

Holiday Club 2010

  Holiday Club Light Party

On Sunday 31st October 2010 a Light Party was held in the upper hall for a reunion of the children who came to the Holiday Club. It ran from 4pm to 6 pm and the children really enjoyed themselves with games, songs and food. As always the games where the children got wet were very popular.

Howard gave a short talk about Jesus being the Light of the World and our
Light if we allow Jesus into our lives. We finished with Pass the Parcel where all the children attending received a torch to remind them of who is their light. 

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Wow what a week! Holiday Club came again and this time
it was Seaside Rock,  and boy did the Church rock!!

Seaside Rock Logo  

 Eighty Children came to enjoy the fun for which the planning started many months earlier.  The kids together with some thirty eight helpers provided five mornings of laughter, drama, stories and games - many of which involved everyone getting wet.  Yes water is a large part of the fun. 

Seaside Rock 1    Seaside Rock 2

Bible stories based around Peter formed the core of each day and these were supported by
the Drama and other activities. 

    Seaside Rock 4

Everyone had a really good time and we are already being asked what is going to be the story for next year.  Well you will have to wait and see and then join us next time to find out.

Seaside Rock 3

Having enjoyed all the fun and games over 100 parents and children joined us on the Saturday evening for a Barbeque at Church.  We were blessed with good weather and had it outside as planned depite it looking as though we would be washed out earlier in the day.  Everyone enjoyed this together with a repriese of our activities for the parents.  We also had a special Sunday morning Service which repeated many of the games and fun we had during the week to which all parents were invited and many came. It was great to see the Church full.

See you next year!!