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Holiday Club 2007

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Going Bananas 2007

Preparing for the Holiday Club  Leaders


Wow what a week! 

What a Blessing to all who took part we had fun, games and Bible Stories and lots of water being sprayed over all participants – great fun!

This combined effort for the Churches Together in Shepshed has proven to be a big success and we hope to do a similar Club next year.

This was the first combined effort in Shepshed to run such a facility and has proved how we can combine the talents of four Churches to produce a fun Bible based week.

Banana Island was our destination each day as we flew out from Shepshed International Airport the Captain and Stewardess ensuring we had the full safety instructions before take-off.  When we landed we were greeted by Ripe and Rotten our two hosts for the week who set the fun going each day with songs and activities and lots of Kid’s involvement.  During this time we found a Tardis (not Doctor Who’s) and every day a different Bible character appeared from the Tardis amidst smoke, flashing lights and sound track – we had Noah, Gideon, Elijah, Zacchaeus and Jemima – all introduced themselves to the children before returning home in the Tardis.  Then it was off to explore the island.

We had three groups, Yellow Perils (the youngest), Banana Smoothies (middle aged!) and Bananarama for the older ones.  They found their spot and had stories about the day’s Bible Character as well as activities and drinks.  (It was very hot on the island).

Then it was time to return and join the main group again for more songs and fun including the daily weather forecast brought by a different child or adult each day.  I think our TV forecasts should show the presenter getting wet if its rainy, blown if windy and snowed on – it’s much more fun for the viewers!

Reluctantly we had then to return to the aircraft for our return flight to Shepshed – everything went well and all landed safely and are looking forward to next years’ fun.

We finished with a great Barbeque, which, because of inclement weather had to be held indoors abut we had some 84 kid’s, parents and helpers to feed and it all went very well with everybody well fed and happy.