Charnwood Road Baptist Church

Churches Together in Shepshed
Holiday Club 2012

On Your Marks 2012

Get Set - Go!

Churches Together in Shepshed annual Holiday Club took placed recently where 65 children came to join the fun and games. The fun was led by Speedy (Nicole Jordan) and Weedy (Hannah Collins) and the theme was based on stories from Mark’s Gospel.

There were group activities of craft and cooking as well as a Drama Serial running throughout the week.

The children all describe it as great fun and brilliant and asked when we were going to do it next year and the date will be announced in November after our Holiday Club Reunion Light Party on the evening of 1st November.





The above photos were taken by Maureen Walbey during Holiday Club and
following were taken by Judi Weller at the Post Holiday Club Barbecue held in the church garden

    Howard and Glynda  Kenny our chef   Time for food

Playing games after the food    Knocking the bottle of the bench

Taking a swing at Crazy Golf    Taking life easy after a busy week

and in the church afterwards

Keith in the relay  Speedy and Weedy leading the singing   Oliver in charge of the graphics