Shepshed Baptist Church

Church Membership

What does it mean to become a Member of a Baptist Church?

Many people see Shpshed Baptist Church as their church. Some simply worship with us and that is great! Others have become Members which is all about .......

Believing - we share the same essential views from the Bible about God: the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Having become Christians we, with God’s help, together follow the teaching and example of Jesus.

Baptism - Baptist Churches as the name suggests, see it is important for believers to be baptised as was Jesus -  see Matthew 3:13 -17 and Matthew 28:19-20. Some churches require baptism as a condition of membership, others just encourage it.

Growing - as members of the church, we find that regular worship, prayer and reading the bible: on our own, in Zoom groups and as a congregation, helps us to grow and apply our faith to modern life.

Sharing together - some of the important privileges and responsibilities of members include: discovering and using our God given gifts to serve within the church & beyond, financially contributing towards our self supporting church, and looking prayerfully for God’s solutions as we meet at our Members Meeting to review our projects and plan for the future.

Caring - the Bible describes believers as a body - 1 Corinthians 12:12 -  so it is important that we care for one another as well as for the wider community. We offer a listening ear, plus prayerful, practical and pastoral support.

Being & Doing - believers are called to be good role models of Jesus in our thoughts, words and actions - “you (all) are the light of the world – doing good works” Matthew 5:14-16.