Shepshed Baptist Church

Centenary Weekend Celebrations 1911 - 2011

crbc charley way    Front of church

 In 1911 several momentous alterations were made to the Charnwood Road Baptist Church, the biggest being the building of the towers and vestibule leading into the main body of the church.  Inside there was an extension to the gallery, a new choir gallery, baptistry, new rostrum and pulpit, new lighting, heating and seating and over the weekend of 24th-25th September our fellowship celebrated 100 years since these alterations were made.

Harvest DisplayThis particular weekend also happened to be the Harvest Festival when the church was decorated with flowers and produce. It also happened to be 'Back to Church Sunday' so invitations went out to those people known to have had a connection to the church in the past and it was good to welcome all those who attended our celebrations.

Harvest flowers   Open Baptistry

Saturday 24th September 2011

A lot of hard work went into the planning and preparation for the weekend which started on the Saturday at 5 pm with the church open to enable people to view the Harvest decorations. 

They were also able to see the exhibition of our history and displays of the current work and witness in the church today.
Click here for photos of the displays from the various departments in the church and here for more photos of the Deacons and Ministers.

  Preparing for 90 folk Ruth  Bob  Geoff  Barry

At 6 pm a short service of celebration was followed by a Harvest Supper which was enjoyed by about 90 people. Some home grown entertainment very enjoyably rounded off the evening.

   Sunday  25th September am

Congregation Gathering Sunday Club girls in costume

On the Sunday morning the service began with the congregation gathering outside the church with Rev Howard Ketton, Rev Derrick Tickner, the Deacons and some of the Sunday Club wearing 1911 dress.

 Deacons in 1911 costune 

Mrs Madge Massey cutting the ribbon

The re-opening of the church following the 1911 refurbishment was re-enacted as we sang a couple of hymns and Mrs Madge Massey cut the ribbon. 

 Rev Derrick Tickner 

The first part of the service was held in the style of 1911 with the Ministers Rev Howard Ketton (our Pastor) and the Rev Derrick Tickner in the pulpit leading the worship, and David Spendlove playing the music.


        Ladies Fellowship choir     Glynda and Ann on tambourines  
The Ladies Fellowship sang 'Bringing in the Sheaves' accompanied by Glynda Bassford and Ann Smith on the tambourines.

         Our Pastor following change to 2011 style    IGnight Band

Hilary and Alison sing a duetAbout halfway through the service our Pastor, Howard, came down from the pulpit and  the screen was lowered for the words of the hymns to be displayed, and we continued our service in 2011 style with the hymns and songs played by our IGnight band with David on the electronic piano. Hilary and Alison sang a duet and Howard gave us a rousing sermon. The service ended with the congregation singing 'Great is Thy Faithfulness' for our God has indeed been greatly faithful to us over the years, giving us so many blessings.

 The whole weekend was not only a celebration of the past but also of what has been achieved in the last few years. A new heating system, electrics and kitchen have been installed and the first two rows of pews replaced with chairs enabling more flexibility at the front for things such as choir singing, children’s holiday club and the recently started café style church which is held once a month. It has also been possible due to a generous donation to acquire an electronic piano, which has greatly enhanced the worship.

It is an exciting time for the church and more improvements are planned such as a lift to the upper room, which in due course will be refurbished.