Charnwood Road Baptist Church

An Evening of Chocolate

A great evening was had on June 11th as 14 of our group attended a Chocolate Worskhop at Chocolate Alchemy in Churchgate Mews, Loughborough. The evening started with a talk by Isaac about the origins of chocolate, where and how the cocoa beans were grown, harvested, fermented and transported to manufacturers the world over to be made into the chocolate we love to eat. During the talk we were able to see cocoa beans at various stages of preparation.


Mixing the ganache and cream           Mixing the ganache and cream


Then came the exciting bit as we started to make some truffles. We were all given a bowl and spatula and told to weigh out some ganache (dark and milk) and some warmed cream to mix in with it. This was then piped onto baking parchment amid much laughter and was then place in the fridge to set.


Piping out the chocolateIsaac taking the piped chocolate to the fridge


 Chocolate tasting came next with 7 varieties from around the world with some blended and others single source chocolate. The differences were amazing from quite bitter to very sweet but the single source chocolate from Ecuador came out tops.


 Licking the chocolate off our gloves        The finished truffles


Next came the ‘messy’ bit!! We were all given gloves to wear and cut the piped chocolate into 8-10 segments and rolled them into balls. The palms of the gloves were coated with melted chocolate and the balls rolled into this before being coated with either cocoa powder, chocolate flakes or icing sugar. When finished we were told we could lick the gloves before they were thrown away. A command several of us enjoyed very much!!

Leaving with a bag of hand-made truffles each, together with other goodies bought at the shop, we all agreed it had been very enjoyable evening and one we could recommend to any chocolate lovers out there.