Charnwood Road Baptist Church

Pete and Edi 2018


Thank you for your prayer for us.
1.  Please pray for the WEC Youth World Adventure Programmes. Recently in Southampton, using the parable of the sower as a theme, we were able to pass on some challenges to the children to be concerned about world mission. The following week we ran a similar programme in Dawlish. We have another one in Leeds on Sun. 18th November. Please pray for us as we seek to introduce children to what God is doing in different places in the world, and to get them involved with, and enthused for, world mission. We would like more opportunities in the future to run such programmes. Please pray for openings in churches and groups.
2. We will be taking part at the Operation World conference in Leeds on Sat. 10th November in both the children’s and youth programmes. It is billed as “a strategic mission day in central Leeds.” Please pray as we prepare our talks and activities to engage those young people with the vision of taking the gospel to the whole world. 
3. There is a lot of admin. work to be done in the WEC Youth Office over the next few months, some related to data protection issues and some in writing up manuals for the summer camps. Please pray as the team work together on these.  
4. At the WEC conference we elected Malcolm and Kerstin Gray (formerly of WEC Thailand) to take over as British leaders next year. Please pray for WEC as it continues to build on its past as it moves forward. 
5. On 16th November we’ll be running a Japan Evening in Bangor. Please pray for God’s blessing on the programme. 
6. Edi is one of the helpers at the English classes for foreigners at the church in Bangor. Numbers are not high but they do have some significant contacts. Please pray for this witness to non-Christians. 
7. Please continue to pray for Joanna settling in to a completely new life in London and into her course. Andy has begun his second year in Aberystwyth, and John is working towards his GCSEs (with two numeracy exams this month). Please remember our children in prayer. 
Thank you for remembering us. 
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson 


Thank you for praying for us.
1. We were  involved with the WEC camps over the summer. We helped with setting up the tents etc. on the field, then we were on the staff for one week, before helping to take everything down again. In between there were good times at the two WEC camps.
2. We'll be starting work in the WEC Youth Office again soon after the busy camp season. There will be post-camp admin work to be done, and then we're going to Southampton on Saturday 29th September as part of a team doing a World Adventures Programme for a church there, introducing world mission to the children in the church.
3. On Sunday 16th September Pete is preaching in Cwmbran. This was originally scheduled for last December but had to be cancelled on the day because of heavy snow.
4. Joanna will move to London later this month to begin a masters degree course in Education and International Development at the UCL (University College, London) Institute of Education. Please pray for her as she settles in and begins the course.

5. Andy will go back to Aberystwyth for his second year, studying Countryside Management. As International Secretary on the Christian Union he'll be busy straightaway as he has things to do for Freshers Week.
6. John went back to school this week, heading for his GCSEs next year.
7. Japan has been hit by another powerful typhoon, which caused some damage done to the WEC headquarters building that we used to be in charge of. Then, after that there was a strong earthquake in the northern part of the country. Please pray for the people of Japan, that they would open their hearts to the gospel. 
Thank you for praying.
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson


Thank you for praying for us in our travelling in June. All went well, thank you.
1. Work in the WEC Youth Office is busy with admin jobs for the summer camps. We are learning to do some of those. Teen and Warrior Camps are very close now. We'll be helping with loading lorries and setting up the camps from 18th July onwards. Please pray for safety during the set up, and for good weather. We need good weather for putting all the tents up and setting up everything inside.
2. The camps run for two weeks, from 28th July - 4th August, and 4th August - 11th August. We're going to be at Teen Camp, the camp for the older campers (13 to 17 year-olds), in the second week, and do one of the mission evenings at Warrior Camp (for 9 to 13 year-olds).
3. After the camps finish we'll stay on for a few days to help pack everything up again.
4. Prayer points for WEC Camps:
a. Lives to be transformed
b. Deep Christian growth
c. Clear messages by the missionary speakers and the Bible teachers
d. Health and safety
e. Good weather
f. Full camps (campers and leaders)
g. Good fun and fellowship.
5. Thank you for praying for Joanna. She has finished her course in York and has her graduation ceremony on 27th July. She is working over the summer and then starting a masters degree (in Education and International Development) in London in September, where she will be lodging with the family of a friend from York.
6. Joanna and Andy will be part of the volunteer staff at a conference for Japanese Christians from around Europe that will be taking place in Edinburgh 2nd-5th August.
7. John will go to Teen Camp (13 to 17 year-olds), and he and Andy will be working with the teams to help set up and pack up the camps.
8. Japan was hit recently by a strong earthquake and also by a strong typhoon which brought major flooding. One of the WEC missionary families had to be evacuated after the earthquake, while over 200 people died as a result of the typhoon. Please pray for those affected, and for gospel opportunities.
Thank you for praying.
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John


Hello again. Thank you for praying for us in our activities in May. Our various meetings all went well. We're getting busy; please pray that we would be involved in the right things as we work out our job descriptions.
1.  Edi is leading the church's English classes in Bangor on 6th and 13th June. On the 13th she has Pete as her assistant. Please pray for this ongoing outreach to foreigners in Bangor, usually people connected to the university.
2. On Saturday 9th June we'll be in London to take part in a Mission & Me event run by the London co-ordinators for WEC. Pete is giving a Bible Message and we'll be talking about our experiences in Japan. Mission & Me is for people who have an interest in world mission and are looking to see how God is leading them to be involved, maybe in going overseas as missionaries.
3. Reach Your World is the mission event we are jointly responsible for, at Kinmel Bay Church near Rhyl, on Saturday 16th June (1.30-4.15pm). Patrick Johnstone, author of six editions of the world prayer guide Operation World, is coming to speak, and there will be seminars on Japan and Neighbours Worldwide (reaching immigrant communities in the UK), with a children's programme run by WEC Youth. Please pray for people to come, and for us all to come with open hearts for what the Lord is saying to each one.
4. On the following day, Sunday 17th June we'll be part of the team representing WEC Youth at Party In The Park, organised by a church in Bolton. Please pray for good weather and good contacts.
5. Please pray for our work with the WEC Youth Office. The camp season will soon be here. WEC Camps are Christian camps with Bible teaching and a world focus. This year they are being held in Cromer, Norfolk: Week A 28th July - 4th August; Week B 4th - 11th August; Warrior Camp (ages 9-11) and Teen Camp (ages 13-17). Pleas pray for full camps , with enough leaders as well as campers.
6. Thank you for praying for Joanna. She has had an amazing offer to lodge with a Christian family. Now she's waiting for her results, having finished all her assignments.
7. Andy has also finished his exams, and is in Nice, France for a week from 4th June to volunteer at a Christian conservation centre.
8. John has three science exams (11th-15th June) that will contribute to next year's GCSEs, and doing a week of work experience at the end of the month in a biogas facility near our house.
9. Please keep praying for Japan. With only 1% of the population calling themselves Christian, Japan remains "99% non-Christian."
Thank you for praying
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson

Hello again. Thank you for your prayers. After a quiet month in April, we have a number of things happening this month, and would value your prayers for them. Please pray for us in our new roles, working with the WEC International Youth Office. The office is based in Deeside, just outside Chester, about 1 1/4 hours drive from home, We're aiming to go to the office once or twice a week, to help with administration jobs; we'll be part of events that the youth office are involved in, and we'll be looking to promote world mission vision in churches generally as and when opportunities arise. Edi is also a part of WEC's member-care support network, which will mean doing debriefs and reviews with people when she is asked to.

1. The WEC camps are approaching , run by the Youth Office. This year they are being held in Norfolk, between 28th July and 11th August. Please pray for the team as they prepare; pray for campers and leaders to sign up, and pray for us as we come on board to help with some of the admin, and preparation jobs over the next few months.
3. May is a big month for Joanna. The deadline for handing in her dissertation is 14th May, which is also the day of her driving test (at 9:37am, how's that for a precise time?). By 21st May she has to hand in her final essay, and then her final exam is on 29th May. Please pray for her to stay fit and well in this busy month, and to do the best she can in these various important things.
4. Andy is revising for his first-year exams happening in the second half of this month.
5. John is pressing on. He has some exams in June.
6. We're going to Ireland 11th-12th May to take part in a mission day at a church in Kilkenny. In the morning session we'll be part of a team running a "World Adventure Programme" for the children, based on Japan; in the afternoon we'll be sharing with the adults about the situation in Japan.
7. On Sunday 13th May Edi will give a short talk on world mission in the morning service at Ebenezer Church in Bangor.
8. On 15th May Pete is speaking at the Bangor Fraternal meeting for pastors in North Wales, on the subject of "Church young people in God's world mission". Please pray for his preparation and for that meeting. 
9. Pete is spending a few days with his home church in St. Austell, and preaching there in the morning service on 20th May.
10. Edi is leading the Junior Church in Ebenezer Church on Sunday 27th May.
11. On Wednesday 30th May we will be speaking to the retired WEC missionaries at their annual conference in Derbyshire.
12. Together with some other WEC members we are planning an afternoon event for Christians to discover how the church can be involved in God's world mission. This will be at Kinmel Bay Church, Saturday 16th June 1.30-4.15pm, and Patrick Johnstone (the original author of Operation World) has agreed to come and be the main speaker. There will be seminars on Japan and on reaching immigrants in this country, so please feel free to come along if you are able.
Thank you for praying.
Pete, Edi, Joanna, Andy & John Wilson

Hello again.
1. This month is quite quiet for us in terms of actual engagements, but we will be busy with planning and preparing for future events, and working out in more detail what we will be doing with WEC in youth and member care.
2. We will be helping with some of the WEC camps in the summer. We've been before and can thoroughly recommend them for young people. Please check out the website:
3. Joanna is coming to the end of her course at the University of York. She has important deadlines coming up in May: dissertation, final essays/exams, driving test. Joanna is hoping to do an MA in London from September. She would like to lodge with Christians. If you know of any likely contacts, please let us know. Thanks you.
4. Andy will be doing his first year exams at Aberystwyth University and will be revising for those.
5. John is in Year 10 at school in Anglesey. He has 3 exams later this term that will contribute to his GSCE results.
6. Please continue to pray for Japan. The new school year begins in April. a new missionary couple have just arrived from Singapore and will be starting Japanese language study.
Thank you for praying for us.
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson
WEC International

Hello again.
1. Thank you for praying. Our various activities and events in February all went well.
2. We have a few engagements this month:

Please pray with us through these various things we're involved with, to promote interest in mission.

3. Edi is helping with English classes in the church in Bangor that reach out to foreigners, and also with the Sunday School there.
4. Please pray for Joanna as she continues working on her final dissertation in the University of York.
5. Andy has taken over as the international secretary at the Christian Union in Aberystwyth University.
6. John is going to a Christian youth camp 9th to 11th March.

Thank you for praying for us. Please continue to pray for us in these various activities we are involved with this month.
Thank you 
In the Lord.
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson
WEC International