Charnwood Road Baptist Church

Pete & Edi 2015


Thank you for remembering us this year.
Christmas is coming with various events this month.
1. Andy will go to the Philippines 13th to 21st December with a team from his school to help in an orphanage. This is the same as last year and will include looking after children, giving out food, etc. Please pray for the team, their protection, their ministry.
2. We are helping with the Christmas meeting run by some Singaporean missionaries for their English class students on Wednesday 23rd December (public holiday). Pete will give a short message in English and Edi will interpret into Japanese.
3. Pete is preaching at the Christmas service at Kusatsu Church on 20th December.
4. one of our Korean missionaries has taken over leadership of the missions mobilization team that Pete is part of. Please pray for us as we think about and plan what we will do in the future.
5. The regular treasurer has come back from home leave. Pete will work with her to learn about the end of year taxes as she is the only person who knows how to do them.
6. Thank you for praying for Joanna. She finished her first term at University on Friday 4th and now has a month's holiday.
Happy Christmas to you.
In Christ,
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson



Hello again. Thank you for remembering us.
1. The world mission lessons at the Bible school are going well. I have been twice so far, with two more times to go (Fri. 6th & Fri. 20th November).
2. This month I am preaching on world mission at Higashi Omi Church (1st) & Nagahama Church (15th). The latter will be the Spanish service for the South Americans who live and work in factories nearby. Several of the young people in the church also go to this service. I'll speak in Japanese and be interpreted into Spanish.
3. I will also preach at Kaori Church on 29th November. Kaori Church (where we worked for twelve years) is now without any staff and I am one of four people who are going there on a rota to preach while we look for a more permanent solution.
4. The work doing the WEC Japan finances has got easier over the six months I've been doing it. The regular treasurer is due back from home leave this month.
5. We will both be part of the WEC Japan leadership committee meeting on Tues. 24th November. Please pray for the Lord's blessing and leading on our discussions.
6. Please remember Edi teaching art at Kyoto International University Academy on Wednesdays and Fridays. This is a Christian international school. Some students are from Christian families, and others are not. Please pray for the witness of Edi and all the teachers (who are all Christians).
7. Joanna sounds to have settled in well at York, and is getting to know people in her house and in the Christian Union, etc., and beginning to settle on a church. Andy and John are well.
Thank you for praying for us.
In the Lord,
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson



Thank you for praying.
1. This month we'll be helping at our colleagues' Family Church on 11th October, and Pete is preaching at Rakusai New Town Church on the 18th.
2. Like last year, Pete will be teaching some lessons on World Mission at Kansai Bible College in Kobe. Several of our SFDK pastors studied here; and we have one man (Mr Kawamura) in training there at the moment. I'll be going four times over the next few weeks, the first two being the 9th and 30th October. Please pray for me  to adequately convey some vision for world mission to the students, who are mostly preparing to pastor churches.
3. Pete has several weddings this month, in four different venues. Please pray for this witness to non-Christian couples. In most places I am able to give them a book on marriage from a Christian perspective as a present.
4. The work on the missionaries' finances has been going well and the books are balancing. Thank you for praying.
5. There are important discussions going on about the future relationship between WEC Japan and the Japanese church group (SFDK). Please pray for God's leading on these discussions. In particular there are meetings of all the pastors and missionaries on Tuesday 6th October and the SFDK leadership committee on Tuesday 27th October.
6. Joanna moved to York on 26th September. Freshers Week has finished and lectures have begun. Please pray for her in this new situation. Andy and John are both busy at school.
7. WEC UK renewed their website ( in September. Please check it out for ideas how we can all play our part in God's plan for the world.
8. We were recently reminded of how God can be working in ways that we know nothing about and in people that we may have given up on or forgotten about. In August I (Pete) took John to MK Camp for children of missionaries in Japan, and I stayed to work with the staff. At the end parents came to pick up their children. I started talking to one Japanese man and his American wife, who had come from Saitama, near Tokyo, to fetch  their three boys. It turned out he was originally from Otsu, from the same neighbourhood that Edi grew up in, and he remembered Edi and her brother from the Sunday school run by their parents in Otsu Church. He had gone to it when he was 5 years old, until he was 7, when he started going to baseball instead. Sometime later he had become a Christian, and we would not have known but for a "chance" meeting thirty-five years later.
Thank you for praying for us.
In Christ,
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson.





Thank you very much for praying for Joanna's finance. She is starting university next week. It has been a long wait, but we are very grateful that she received a letter today (17 Sep) from Student Finance to confirm that our documentation was accepted and they have approved her application for finance . She is now able to go to York.
Please pray fro safety and for smooth settling in for her while we are over here in Japan.
Pete, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson


Hello again. Thank you for praying for us.
1. Thank you for praying for Joanna and Andy. They both did very well In their British exams. Joanna now has a confirmed place at the University of York to study Education, starting at the end of September.
2. However, when Student Finance looked more closely into Joanna's application, they cancelled their earlier decision to award her a grant and loan and asked for more information. We  have sent that information to them and are waiting for their decision, which will probably come in the second week of September. Please pray.
3. The camps we were involved with in August went well. Edi and Andy returned to Japan on 28th August.
4. Please pray for Pete who will be preaching on missions mobilisation in Moriyama Church (28th). This is part of WEC Japan's mobilisation team, with the aim of raising awareness of world mission in SFDK (WEC-planted) churches.
5. Please pray for our on-going witness at KIU international school, wedding venues, among the Japanese returnees from China, and for Pete doing the WEC Japan treasurer work.
Thank you for thinking of and praying for us.
In Christ,

Pete, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson




Hello again. Thank you for remembering us.

1. Please remember Edi, Joanna and Andy in Britain. From 1at to 8th August they will all be at WEC camps in Norfolk. Edi and Richard (Edi's dad) will be at Teen camp (13-17 year-olds), and Andy will be a camper there. Edi will do 2 sessions on Japan as part of the evening missions programme, Richard working in the kitchen. Joanna will be nearby, in the kitchen at Warrior Camp (9-13 year-olds).
2. Pete and John will go to MK Camp (3rd-7th August). This is a camp for Missionary Kids (MKs), i.e. children of missionaries from anywhere in Japan. It will be the third time John has gone to it. Pete is going along to help with the camp.
3. Pete is preaching at Rakusai New Town (twice), Rakusai and Izumi churches in August. The latter two will be world mission messages, looking to raise awareness of world mission, as part of the WEC Japan mobilisation team. He will be doing some more of this over the next few months.
4. Please pray for all to go well with Pete doing the WEC Japan finances.

Thank you for praying
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson


Hello again. Thank you for praying for us.

1. Thank you for praying for Joanna and Andy's trip to Tokyo for their Japanese A Level exam. They both thought it went quite well. Now they wait for the results in August.
2. Edi, Joanna and Andy will go back to Britain on 15th July, and  Edi and Andy are booked to return to Japan at the end of August. They have various things to do in the UK, including taking part in WEC camps and university visiting.
3. There is a lot of work to do at the end of KIU international school term with marking and writing reports. Pray that Edi will get it all done.
4. Edi is helping to supervise at the KIU summer camp 9th to 11th July. She will be mainly responsible for supervising middle school and high school girls at night. Please pray for safety as they travel about five hours away and during the camp. Pray for good conversations and opportunities to share about life as a Christian.
5. Pray for Peter and John as they spend the summer together in Japan and Pete does some preaching: 12 July at Kusatsu Church & 26th July at Rakusai New Town Church.
6. Please remember also Pete handling the missionaries' finances.

God bless you.
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson


 Hello again.

1. Thank you for praying for last month’s WEC Japan conference. We had a blessed time and made some important decisions about the future of WEC in Japan, including a goal to start three new church plants by 2020.
2. Joanna and Andy will go to Tokyo again on Wed. 24th June for their A Level Japanese exam, which they will sit at the British School in Tokyo. This exam is from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The grade Joanna gets will decide which university  she can go to. Please pray. The student finance organisation has approved her application for finance, and she has posted two boxes of things to Britain. 
3. Please pray for John at KIU international school, as he adjusts to doing his school work in English.
4. Please pray for Pete doing the WEC Japan finances. The treasurer has gone on home leave and so is not here to help when things go wrong.
5. Pete is preaching at Izumi Church in Kyoto on 16th June. On the same day Edi will be helping at the “Oyako” (Parent & Child) Church run by two of our colleagues in southern Kyoto city.
6. Please pray for our ongoing witness at KIU, at wedding venues and among the war orphans from China.

Thank you for praying.
In the Lord,
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson


Hello again. Thank you for remembering us.
1. The WEC Japan field conference takes place at the WEC Japan headquarters, 2nd to 6th May.
    a. We have been busy organising the missionaries' cleaning days to get the place ready as we are in charge of HQ, even though
        we live two hours away.
    b. Our teaching sessions will be led mainly by the WEC International directors Louis and Susan Sutton.
    c. The main discussion topics will be about setting goals for the next few years, including where we should target as areas for
        church planting, and about the future relationship between WEC and SFDK. SFDK is the name of the group of churches that
        WEC has planted in Japan, and we work very closely together. We will be talking about how we should co-operate in the
        future and how separate WEC should be from SFDK. Pleas pray for God's leading on those important discussions.
2. a. Joanna and Andy will be in Tokyo for a week at the beginning of May. They will stay with a friend of Edi. Andy is taking his
       IGCSE exams in English Language in the afternoon on Tues. 5th and Fri. 8th May. Previously Joanna did these exams at the
       British Council. This is not possible this time, but the British School in Tokyo have allowed Andy to take his exams there.
   b. On Mon. 11th may both Joanna and Andy will take the AS Level exam in Japanese, also at the British School. This exam is
       with a different exam board which stipulates that all their exams must be taken at exactly the same time all around the world.
       So the exam starts at 7.00pm and finishes at 9.45pm.
   c. John appears to be enjoying his new school, but the workload is a lot heavier than at primary school, and he is studying
       everything in English for the first time.
   d. Joanna's application for a student loan is moving along. Please pray for it to go smoothly, and for wisdom for her as she makes
       the choice of which university she wants to go to.
3. On 10t h May we will be visiting Yoshino Church, where Pete worked for a year 22 years ago. It is Mothers' Day in Japan, and 
    he  has been asked for a Mothers' Day message.
4. Pete is giving an orientation talk about WEC International to our three new Japanese workers on 12th May, after the monthly
   pastors' meeting. This is the last part of their orientation as new SFDK workers.
5. From May Pete is on his own doing the WEC Japan finances. It is quite a big job every month. Please pray.

Thank you for praying.
In the Lord.
Pete, Edi, Joanna, Andy & John Wilson



The Wilson Family

Hello again. Thank you for your prayerful support of us. Here is a photograph of us taken at the recent SFDK Japanese workers and WEC missionaries retreat.
1. Thank you for praying for Joanna's university application. She has begun the application for a student loan. Please pray for this to go smoothly. In the meantime she is doing some part-time jobs.
2. Andy (16) is at KIU Academy, our local Christian international school. He will be going to Tokyo in early May to take two IGCSE exams in English. Both Joanna and Andy will take AS Level Japanese in May, also in Tokyo.
3. John (12) has started at KIU Academy. This is a big change for him, moving from learning in Japanese to learning mostly in English.
4. Edi has started her fourth year of teaching art and running the library at KIU Academy. Praise for the opportunity to give a talk on guidance at the KIU youth group in March.
5. The WEC Japan annual conference takes place at the beginning of May. As the people in charge of the WEC headquarters we have responsibilities for getting HQ ready and for various other preparations.
6. Please pray for Pete's witness at wedding venues. Recently he had the chance to pray for one of the workers when there was a potential problem with the hotel. He is also giving a book to each couple that talks about marriage from a Christian perspective.
7. We are both part of a WEC Japan leadership committee meeting on Tuesday 14th April.
8. Pete is preaching at the English service at Nagahama Church on 19th April.
Thank you for remembering us.

In Christ,
Pete, Edi, Joanna, Andy & John Wilson



Hello again. Thanks you for remembering us.
1. Both Joanna and John graduate from their respective schools this month. Their graduation ceremonies are Friday 20th (John) and Saturday 21st (Joanna). John will got to the same school as Joanna and Andy from April. Joanna's university application is moving along. The next stage is to apply for a student loan.
2. The WEC Japan leadership committee has an all-day meeting on Monday 16th March. Please pray for God's guidance in our discussions.
3. Pete is preaching at Megumi Church on 15th March, and at Kusatsu Church on 29th March.
4. The annual "retreat" for Japanese church workers and missionaries is on 30th-31st March, followed by an extra day for missionaries only running into 1st April.
5. Pete is learning how to do the field finances so he can cover while the treasurer is away from April to December. There's a lot to remember. Please pray for help remembering.
Thank you for Praying.
In the Lord.
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson



Hallo again. Thank you for remembering us.
1. Thank you for praying for Joanna's A Level exams in Tokyo in November. She got very good results: Grade A in Divinity and grade B in English Literature. Please continue to pray for her university applications. She has been offered a place at four universities, with one still to reply. She has had to fill in forms for all of them so they can decide whether to class her as a British or a foreign student for fee purposes. Please pray they will class her as British. If they say she is a foreign student her costs will increase a lot. So far one university has decided that she is a foreign student, another that she is British. Please continue to pray.
2. Pete's brother and his wife are coming to visit later this month. Please pray for a good time with them.
3. Edi is leading the morning children's meeting at the annual believers conference on Wed. 11th February (public holiday).
4. Please pray for Pete as he learns how to do the WEC Japan finances so that he can cover for Rita, the treasurer, while she is away on home leave later this year. Please pray for Rita too as she teaches him.
5. The mobilisation team had another meeting a few days ago. Pete is working on a tour of the SFDK (WEC-connected) churches to promote world mission, starting later this year.
6. Edi is leading some of the session at our colleague's messy church on 8th February. Pete is preaching at Megumi Church on 15th February.
7. Please pray for Pete's ongoing witness among the Chinese students at the Japanese class in our area, also for Edi teaching two days a week at KIU international school. The headmaster's daughter, Julia, is still in hospital, out of intensive care but still sick.
Thank you for Praying.
In the Lord.
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson


Happy New Year
1. Thank you for praying for the trip to the Philippines. A few days before leaving someone dropped out and Andy was invited to take their place, so he was able to go with Edi and Joanna as part of the team. They were able to help with various aspects of the Christian centre's work there and saw first hand the terrible poverty.
2. Thank you for praying for the Christmas related meetings. All went well. January is a quieter month.
3. We will both be part of the WEC Japan leadership committee meeting on Monday 19th January. Please pray for the Lord's leading on our discussions, and for our field leaders Chungkyu and Eonmee Lee.
4. Pete has two messages this month, at Megumi Church in Hikone on the 18th and at Kusatsu Church on 25th.
5. School has started again. This will be the last term for Joanna and John at their current schools. Julia, the 13 year-old daughter of the head teacher of the international primary school, is seriously ill in hospital. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and for healing.

Thank you for praying.
In the Lord
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson.