Charnwood Road Baptist Church

Pete and Edi 2016


Thank you for praying for us.

1. Pete is going to the men’s Bible study at Mukaijima twice more this month. Please pray for these three men to respond to the gospel message.

2. Pete’s Bible school lessons on world mission finished on 2nd December. The two students have an assignment to do by the beginning of January, which will need marking.

3. Please remember the WEC Japan mobilisation team. In the end we were not able to give out world mission literature at the Kyoto Christmas Festival evangelism meeting as we had hoped. For mobilisation the WEC Japan branch recently agreed the following goals:

We aim to recruit one Japanese missionary candidate by 2020.

We aim to recruit at least one short term team every year until 2020.

4. Please pray for our regular witness through KIUA international school and weddings.

5. Pete is preaching at Megumi Church in Hikone on 18th December and in Kusatsu Church on 25th December.

6. Please remember our children, Joanna, Andy and John, all busy at university or school. Andy is considering his university application.

Happy Christmas to you all.


Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson


Thank you for your prayers for us.

1. Pete has begun his World Mission classes at Kansai Bible College for this year. In November he will go twice, on the 4th and 18th. One of the two students is already a missionary, having come over from Korea to pastor a church in Japan.

2. Pete is preaching at Ritto Church on 20th and Kusatsu Church on the 27th.

3. The WEC Japan mobilisation team are working on translating some publicity material into Japanese, with the aim of giving it out at the Kyoto Christmas Festival, which is an outreach event on Saturday 26th November. There should be a lot of Christians there from many churches, and so this is a good opportunity to let people know that we are recruiting people for short term teams and also long term.

4. Edi is busy at KIUA international school with art lessons and running the library, and involved with the mothers’ prayer group at the school.

5. Please pray for our children, in their faith, church involvement and university or school work. Andy is pressing on with his KIUA studies and his two A-Levels. He has an important exam on Saturday 5th November.

Thank you for remembering us.

In the Lord,

Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson

WEC International (Japan)


Thank you for praying for us.

1. At the WEC Japan missionary meeting in September we agreed that we should aim to set up a membership department to recruit Japanese workers into WEC International. Pete is part of the team working with the co-ordinator Jangbaeg Lim (Korea) to do the necessary groundwork on this.

2. October is a busy month for weddings, after the hot summer and before winter begins. Pete has a full schedule this month. Please pray for the witness through Christian weddings to the couples and guests, and also to the staff members in the various locations. 

3. Pete’s series of lessons on World Mission at Kansai Bible College for this year start on 21st October. This year there are only two students in the class. Please pray for the students, that they will gain a vision for the world as they head towards church ministry next year.

4. Pete is preaching at Kinomoto Church on 23rd October.

5. After a break over the summer Pete will be resuming the men’s Bible study in Mukaijima twice a month. This was started by a WEC missionary who has since moved on to work in another country. 

6. Edi continues teaching two days a week at KIUA, the international Christian school.

7. Please continue to pray for wisdom as we carry on the task of clearing unwanted stuff out of the WEC headquarters.

8. Thank you for praying for Joanna while she was in Bangladesh. She is now back in York and beginning her second year at university, also getting orthodontic work done on her teeth. She is involved with various activities in the Christian Union. She has written an update on her time there, which is attached. 

9. Andy (18) is studying for two A Levels in addition to his KIUA school work, and John (13) is doing his ordinary school work.

God bless you. 

Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy & John Wilson 

WEC International (Japan)


Thank you for praying for us over the summer.  

Edi and John have been coping with the hot Japanese summer, Joanna with the hot Bangladeshi weather and Pete & Andy with the much cooler weather in the UK.

1. Please pray for everyone (except Pete) starting school/university again in September. It is still hot in Japan in September.

2. We were both re-elected onto the WEC Japan leadership committee for another year at our conference in May. The first committee meeting since then is scheduled for 19th September, followed by a meeting of all the missionaries on 24th September. The main topics for discussion will be our church planting policy from now on and whether we should agree to begin setting up a membership department to recruit Japanese workers into WEC. Please pray for the Lord’s leading.

3. Pete is preaching at Kusatsu Church (am) and Megumi Church in Hikone (pm) on 25th September.

4. As the caretakers of the WEC Japan Headquarters we will be continuing our work to clear unwanted items out of the building. This involves a one-way trip of two hours every time we go. Please pray for safety and wisdom.

5. Joanna returns to the UK in early September. Thank you for praying for her in Bangladesh.

6. Andy will be studying for two British A Levels in addition to his studies at the international school. Please pray for him in this. He got a good result on his AS Level exam this summer.

Thank you. 

In the Lord,

Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson

WEC International (Japan)


Thank you for praying for us.
1. Pete and Andy will go back to the UK for a few weeks this summer. While there they will be looking into possibilities for Andy’s future studies. Please pray for a fruitful time.
2. Edi and John will be left behind in the hot summer weather. Please pray for them enduring the heat.
3. KIUA, the international school, has short summer camps, 11th to 13th July. Edi will be helping at the middle school camp, where John will be. Andy will be at the high school camp.
4. Pete is preaching at Kusatsu Church on 10th July.
5. Please continue to remember Joanna on a short term trip to Bangladesh.

Thank you.
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson
WEC International (Japan)


Joanna sent us some prayer points before she left for Bangladesh. Here they are, if you would like to pray for her.

A number of people have asked me if they can receive updates and prayer requests while I’m at Bangladesh… at the moment I’m not sure how much internet I’ll have once I’m over there so I’ve jotted down some prayer requests if you would like to pray for me! 
      1.     That the health and safety of myself and my team members will be protected.
      2.     A special aspect of the ICS placement is that UK volunteers get paired up with volunteers from the placement country. Please pray for good friendship, co-operation and teamwork between the UK and Bangladeshi volunteers and that we will have a fun time working together!
      3.     That God will use me in mighty ways beyond my imagination :) 
      4.     That I will remain humble and be open to challenges and all the news things which I will encounter.
      5.     It often takes me a while to get used to new situations and be myself, so please pray that I’ll be patient and seek the confidence that I need in God alone.
      6.     That I will become more Christ-like!
      7.     And finally, please pray for my family. It’s been hard at times being half-way around the world from them, and this summer might be even harder for all of us (no more skyping 5 times a week!)
Thank you so much, your prayers are much appreciated


Thank you for praying for us.

1. The WEC Japan conference went well. Both of us were re-elected on to the leadership committee that oversees the WEC work in Japan. Please pray for the six people who make up that committee, led by our leaders Chungkyu and Eonmee Lee from Korea.
2. The conference also decided to move ahead with mobilising workers for mission both inside and outside of Japan. Please pray for wisdom in how we bring the vision for world mission to a wider circle of churches. Pete is part of the three-man mobilisation team which is led by another Korean worker, Jangbaeg Lim.
3. Pete will hand the treasurer’s job back to the regular treasurer in June. Thank you for your prayer over the last year.
4. Please pray for our other regular activities: Edi teaching at KIUA, the international Christian school; Pete doing weddings and the men’s Bible study in Mukaijima; both of us looking after the WEC Japan headquarters.
5. Joanna leaves for Bangladesh on 11th June, for three months. She is going as part of the International Citizen Service overseas volunteering programme, funded by the UK Government’s Department for International Development. She will be working with Tear Fund, a Christian organisation. Please pray for her safety and for her work in Bangladesh. The volunteers from Britain are paired with local volunteers and work as a team. Please pray for good friendship, co-operation and teamwork.
6. Andy took his AS Level Geography exam in May. The result comes in August. Please pray for Andy as he begins his second year of A Level studies, on top of his normal studies at KIUA. Please remember John, too, in Year 8 at school.

God bless you.
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson
WEC International (Japan)


Hello again.
Thank you for praying for us.
1. Please pray for the missionaries conference 3rd to 7th May, for the Lord's leading on all the discussions and fellowship. This year we have leadership elections, and discussions on church planting, finance, etc., along with some training sessions.
2. Pete and Andy will travel to Tokyo for Andy to take an AS Level exam on Friday 13th May. Please pray for him taking this exam.
3. A lot of our time lately has been taken up getting HQ ready for the conference. Please pray for wisdom in looking after HQ.
4. Joanna and John are doing their respective studies. Joanna is getting ready for her summer trip to Bangladesh.
5. Please remember us in our regular programmes, teaching, weddings, etc.
6. Parts of Kyushu have been hit by large earthquakes.There is relief work going on, with some Christian organisations involved. Please pray for those affected.
Thank you for remembering us.

In the Lord,
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson
WEC International (Japan)


1. Thank you for praying for the various meetings in March. We have another leadership committee meeting on 12th April, heading up to the annual conference 3rd to 7th May.
2. As the people in charge of the WEC headquarters we have the main responsibility for getting the place ready for the conference. There are two cleaning days for other missionaries to come and help: Saturday 9th and Monday 18th April. At this year’s conference we will be confirming the present leaders to continue in leadership, and electing a new leadership committee to work with them, also considering our future church planting styles, among other things.
3. Pete’s Bible study with the three non-Christian men in Mukaijima is going to continue, at least until the summer. Please pray for us as we look at Jesus’ life and teaching together.
4. Pete has also started an English class once a week with Mr. Murata. His work place is nearby, but he was introduced to us by Mr. Teramori who used to be our next-door neighbour twelve years ago when we worked in Kaori Church. Mrs. Teramori became a Christian and joined Kaori Church, Mr. Teramori has been going to the Korean class in the church for some time and now attends the weekly service. Please pray for Pete’s witness to Mr. Murata.
5. The new school year has begun at KIUA, the international Christian school. Edi has the same two days teaching art each week. About two thirds of the students at KIUA are Japanese, mostly from non-Christian homes, so it is an important mission field.
6. Andy is now in his final year at KIUA, and also studying for two British A Levels. He has an AS Level geography exam in Tokyo on 13th May.
7. Please remember Joanna and John too in their studies at the University of York and KIUA respectively.
Thank you for remembering us.

In the Lord,
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson
WEC International (Japan)


Hello again.

1. Thank you for praying for the administration work in February. The financial reports all got completed on time, and the auditing also went smoothly.
2. Since January we have been leading two Bible studies in Mukaijima, about thirty miles away. We agreed to run these until March. Please pray for wisdom for all concerned as we consider whether or not to continue them.
3. Pete has two preaching appointments this month, in Rakusai New Town on 13th and Kusatsu on 20th March.
4. Please pray for the WEC Japan leadership meeting on Tuesday 8th, as we discuss some important business and prepare for the WEC Japan conference in May.
5. The mission mobilisation team are having a meeting on Friday 11th March. This will be our first meeting since the new team leader took over. Please pray for Pete and the other two team members as we plan for the future.
6. The SFDK has its annual "retreat" for the pastors and missionaries on 29th-30th March, preceded by a day for missionaries only on the 28th. Please pray for a good time away and for God's blessing on the training and discussion sessions.
7. This term is the football term at KIUA international school, and both Andy and John are in the school teams. Their school year finishes on 18th March. Andy is also studying for British A levels, with his first exam in May.
8. Joanna is busy at university. She is planning to go to Bangladesh in the summer with Tearfund. if you are interested, details can be found here:

Thank you for praying for us.
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson.


Hello again.
1. February is a busy month for administration work. The financial reports for 2015 have to be completed, ready for the annual business meetings in March. Pete has three such reports to work on, the biggest one being the WEC Japan financial report. Please pray as I work on that for the first time.
2. Pete has two preaching appointments in SFDK (WEC-associated) churches this month, at Megumi on the 21st and Rakusai New Town on the 28th.
3. Please pray for the Bible studies we have taken over for the time being in Mukajima, men's study twice a month, ladies once a month.
4. The SFDK churches have their annual combined meeting on Thursday 11th February (public holiday). Edi is in charge of running the children's programme during the morning.
5. After a very quiet month for weddings in January there are a few more weddings this month. Please pray for my witness at the wedding venues. In most places I am able to give the couples a Christian book on marriage.
6. Please remember our children, Joanna, Andy and John. This term's sport at KIU Christian school, is football, and both Andy and John are in their respective football teams.
Thank you for praying.
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson


Thank you for your support in prayer for us.
1. The Christmas activities went well, and Andy had a good time in the Philippines.
2. Please pray as the new terms begin, for Edi teaching art at KIU, the Christian international school, Andy and John studying at KIU, and Joanna at the University of York.
3. A couple on our team are leaving Japan at the beginning of January. We are picking up some of their work. Pete will take over a Bible Study with some men in Mukaijima, about thirty minutes away. Edi will meet monthly with some of the ladies from the Family Church that we used to help with, also in Mukaijima. These will both run until March.
4. Pete will preach in Megumi Church in Hikone on 31st January.
5. We have a leadership committee meeting of WEC Japan on 25th January. Please pray for God's leading.
6. The new year means taxes for all the missionaries have to be filed for last year. Please pray for Pete assisting the regular treasurer in this.
Thank you for praying.
In the Lord,
Peter, Edi, Joanna, Andy and John Wilson